Peach or Lemon?

When selecting a life coach, you want a peach, not a lemon. So how do you know where to look? These tips might help.


The dictionary defines empathy as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. The last thing you need is a coach who is cold and uncaring. But neither do you need a coach who is co-dependent. A coach is not your mom. A coach is not your dad. And a coach is not your friend. A coach is a professional who believes in your ability for meaningful self-discovery and cares about you and your progress along the journey. A coach like that is someone with empathy.

Easy to Work With

You want a coach who is easy to work with. That means your coach is judgment-free. You don’t want a coach who makes you feel inadequate. You want a coach who knows how to guide you to the best solution that you’re able to find. You want a coach who respects you and treats you like you’re an intelligent adult. A coach like that is easy to work with.


Some coaches fly by the seat of their pants. They have their own approach to “life coaching” and give little to no thought to accepted standards in the industry. Others know and follow the core competencies that govern and guide the coaching profession. Why settle for someone who’s just going to wing it? Look for someone who demonstrates expertise.


Experience comes in different packages. Typically those people with a lot of experience in working with people are people who make the best coaches. Your coach may be just starting out in his or her coaching career. But if he or she has experience in working with people, you’re likely to have a positive experience in hiring that person to be your coach.


Anyone can claim to be a life coach. That’s unfortunate. But quality life coaching often comes from individuals who have taken the time to learn what this profession is and how to do it well. Ask your coach about what training he or she has received that qualifes him or her to work as a coach.

These five qualities of a life coach add up to one thing—TRUST! When you’ve found a life coach that you can trust, you’ve found a valuable resource to help you reach your goals and increase your happiness. A coach like that is a real peach.

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